July 2018 – Jobs Report Highlight


This take on the full Monthly Jobs Report is a snapshot of the most relevant data presented in a new attractive, user friendly format. Each Monthly Jobs Report Highlight will cover both Nipissing & Parry Sound districts and will include all of the usual information on a monthly basis with the addition of the following:

  • Year over year & month over month comparisons
  • Expanded hourly wage & annual salary data
  • Permanent Vs. Non-permanent postings
  • % of online job postings
  • Own license, Criminal record, Drivers’ License and billingual requirements
  • Top 3 skills

July 2018 Jobs Report Highlight_ NIPISSING

July 2018 Jobs Report Highlight_ PARRY SOUND

Be sure to check out our real-time job portal at www.readysethired.ca to apply to these jobs today!